At Alpine Adventures safety is a top priority for both our staff and guests alike. During these evolving times, we are now requesting that our guests wear masks inside during check-in, while riding in our vans, and when 6 feet of distancing cannot be maintained.

We are Open and Booking is as easy as 1, 2, 3!

Step 1

Please familiarize yourself with our safety precautions for everyone below. We are requesting masks.

Step 2

Book online prior to coming to our Main Street location. Please also fill out all liability waivers for everyone in your party PRIOR to your tour.

Step 3

Please plan to arrive 15 minutes prior to your tour time at Alpine Adventures (Please account for weekend/holiday traffic). We appreciate your patience and support during these uncharted times.

Moving Forward

Modifications due to Covid-19 has led to a number of improvements to our operations including check in process,  additional sanitation stations property wide,  a new website, additional features to the aerial challenge course, and the upgrade to the state-of-the-art harness and trolley systems to make our legendary experiences better, and more safe. Safety is our number one goal and we hope all the work we’ve done instills confidence to join us for adventure. 

The time for adventure is now and Alpine Adventures has a tour that will suit any thrill seeker.  Reservations are required and all tour purchases must be made online, prior to check-in.  Availability and booking information is available at www.AlpineZipline.com or you can call us at (603) 745-9911.  Please remember to complete all liability waivers for everyone in your party when booking online.  When you arrive for your tour, please keep in mind to wear a mask and practice proper social distancing.  We’ll guide you from there! 

  • Outdoor attraction with exposure to fresh air and ultraviolet light

  • Groups are 12 or less

  • On-line purchasing, registration and release of liability forms are required

  • Welcome center has been modified with sneeze guards, additional sanitation supplies and all facilities and vehicles are cleaned hourly

  • Modified employee training programs featuring on-line digital e-learning and new physical training that specifically addresses measures to keep everyone safe and mitigate the spread of all communicable disease.

  • The addition of Private Adventures to reduce cross contamination risk of unknown individuals.

  • Additional guest safety and risk mitigation communications at all points from inquiry to arrival to tour delivery.

  • Regular hand washing and sanitation required.

  • Common surfaces and vehicles wiped down hourly and as needed.

  • Enhanced daily cleaning of all buildings, vehicles and equipment.

  • Self screening for Employees
  • Employees have been provided education and training specific to hand hygiene, sanitation, illness policies and 6 foot social spacing.

  • Shared tools and equipment will be sanitized with each use.

  • Enhanced record keeping of all cleaning and screening.

  • Masks and gloves have been made available to all staff.

  • Staff will clock in and out with their own personal cell phone.

  • Staff are requested to wear cloth face coverings in all locations except where not advised. CD based training will be provided.

  • Guests are requested to wear cloth face coverings.

  • Alcohol based hand sanitizer is readily available in multiple locations throughout the facility.

  • 6 feet of distance shall be maintained at all times and additional modifications have been made for tours to reduce contact and exposure.

  • Restrooms are one person at a time and signage is provided to wash hands thoroughly and to please help keep this facility clean. Wipes will be provided.

  • Additional signage has been put in place to indicate 6’ spacing, encourage hand washing
  • Hand sanitizer stations have been added throughout the property.

  • Request the use of cloth masks.

  • Require all purchases and waivers completed to be made prior to check-in.

  • Follow the social spacing indicators and ONE WAY floor markings that will greatly limit the number of guests permitted in our Welcome Center and reduce contact.

  • Procedures for contactless credit card handling are in place. Cash is accepted, but employees are instructed to sanitize hands immediately after cash handling.

  • Restroom signage recommending thorough and frequent hand washing for all.

  • The welcome center is set up for one-way foot traffic only.

  • One tour group at a time to provide additional social spacing.

  • 100% of all gear goes through extra sterilization compliant to monthly cleaning requirements after each use.

  • Sanitized gear is physically separated from all used gear.

Traditionally, we would transport all guests from our Main Street location, 15 minutes south to our land operations in a 16 passenger van or our Pinzgauer transport vehicles. This has been modified to allow guests to follow the company van while driving their own personal vehicle to our land operations site. Alternatively, guests may ride in our van but face masks will be requested.

In the extremely rare case where first aid or a customer rescue is required, guide teams will use the following additional gear specific to COVID-19 mitigation:

    • Cloth Mask

    • Full Face Shield

    • Latex Gloves

    • Hand Sanitizer

Guests are requested to use face coverings throughout the Alpine Adventures experience. 

Please follow your local State guidelines regarding COVID-19. 

NH State Visitor Code of Conduct

We ask you to do your part by following the Visitor Code of Conduct which has been adopted by all Statewide Travel and Tourism entities.

Know Before You Go! Check for updates! The guidelines provided today might be different tomorrow.

Don’t Go If You Don’t Feel Well. If you or anyone traveling with you is feeling ill and/or has any of the COVID-19 symptoms, please reschedule your visit. We look forward to seeing you when you’re feeling better!

Bring personal protective gear like hand sanitizer and masks. We try to have these available for guests as part of being open for business, but it’s a good idea to have your own as well.

Expect Things to be Different. We are adapting to the new realities posed by COVID-19 and other viral transmission mitigation efforts and we encourage you to embrace the changes designed to protect the health of all our guests and employees.

Follow the guidance provided on our website, reservation confirmation, on signs and notices such as:

  • Physical distancing

  • Practicing good hygiene

  • Wearing a mask, when indoors or when 6 feet of distancing cannot be maintained

  • Skip the trip if you or any of your travel companions are experiencing any COVID-19 symptoms or don’t feel well.

Be Patient

With new guidance and plans in place, you may need to wait longer than usual to do the things you love. And the staff are probably learning new ways of doing things too in this unprecedented time, so cut them a little slack. But we also like to think that good things are worth waiting for, so please be patient!

Be Considerate

Front line employees at attractions, restaurants, lodging properties, retail shops, and others are the most exposed to the coronavirus. For their safety and yours, please respect business requests for you to wear masks, keep a safe distance (generally 6 feet apart).

Respect Others’ Space

Different people have different levels of concern for the pandemic virus, and therefore may be more – or less – worried about close contact with others. Please be thoughtful about this as you stay 6 feet from others and wear a mask when indoors or when 6 feet of social distance cannot be maintained. 

**Edited from Visit NH, SkiNH, WMAA

Stop the Spread of Germs Instructions

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Website Designed and Managed By Alpine Adventures LLC.