Super Skyrider Zipline Tour

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This is our biggest, longest, highest, and fastest tour! Begin your descent from 70′ up in a pine tree, with spectacular views of the western Whites. Ride the dual ziplines, racing your friends. Climb our 25′ ladder located in Tree Walk Village to reach heights of upwards of 90′! Super SkyRider includes 9 ziplines, 1 racing zipline, 2 Twenty-Five Foot Ladders and 6 suspension bridges. The ziplines range from 800′ to 1600′ long and 250′ above the forest floor. Our Professional guide staff is with you every step of the way ensuring not only safety, but an incredible experience had by all. You will begin the tour with our guides inspecting and properly fitting harnesses, then you’ll be briefed on how to properly zip. That’s when the fun starts!

 This tour takes approximately 3 hours.

*Must be at least 70-240 lbs & no taller than 6’5″. Participants under 16 must be accompanied by an adult. Tours must have 2 participants to go out. Close-toed shoes are required. 

The Treetop Tour  starts with a gentle ground take-off to put you in the trees. If you’ve never been with us before, we recommend this adventure. It’s a great introduction to ziplining, or for those looking to explore the forest canopy up close and personal. Perfect for families, beginners and thrillseekers alike. Ziplines range from 250 to 1,000 feet long. You’ll zip from tree to tree on 10′ platforms reaching heights of 60′ off the forest floor, and zip ground to ground. The Treetop Tour has 5 ziplines and takes about 2 hours to complete with a group of 13, including a shuttle from our office on Main Street and an exciting Off-Road ride up to the start of the course.

The Timberline Tour is a bit more of a thrill ride with longer, higher & faster lines than the Treetop Tour, along with extended lines and improvements in 2023. It’s recommended for guests who have ziplined before or enthusiastic first-timers and adrenaline junkies as it begins from Treewalk Village, 60′ off the ground! This first step can be intimidating for those who may be sensitive to heights. While the Treetop Tour zips you through the forest, the Timberline zips you over the forest and provides some spectacular views along the way. There are dual or side-by-side ziplines to race your friends, sky bridges, and extreme tree platforms. It includes 5 separate ziplines including 2 side-by-side ziplines, the longest being 1600′ long and 200′ off the ground, crossing valley after valley, with 2 suspended bridges. This course takes 2½ hours to complete with a group of 13, including a shuttle from our office on Main Street and an exciting Off-Road ride up to the start of the course.

SUPER SkyRider Tour is a bit more physically challenging. It includes faster, longer, and higher ziplines, a 25’ ladder climb to the next zipline departure, and various technical bridges. 9 ziplines, 6 suspension bridges, and 2 ladder climbs. This is recommended for experienced zipliners only. There are 2 “zap-lines” a twist on the traditional zipline where it’s up to you to get to the other side. This is our most EXTREME tour and will be physically demanding for some people. 

If you’ve been with us before and are ready for the next step in the journey, the SUPER SkyRider is it! This tour takes approximately 3 hours with a group of 13 including a shuttle from our office on Main Street and an exciting Off-Road ride up to the start of the course.

Tours meet in our office at 41 Main Street in Lincoln where our staff will orient you to your equipment and accompany you to the trailhead in our shuttle. Alpine Adventure’s zipline tours are located on a 1700′ hilltop called Barron Mountain, consisting of 300 private acres just 10 minutes south of Loon Mountain and Franconia Notch in the White Mountains.

Alpine Adventures inspects its zipline courses and trucks daily. The facility is inspected by a 3rd party and ACCT regulations annually. Cables are ½” aircraft grade steel that will hold 23,000 lbs, attached to trees and poles that are guy-wired and cemented to the ground, “where they will turn into fossils in 3000 years,” one engineer stated, attesting to its strength and durability. Guests glide through the air using a pulley, climbing harness, and dual lanyards, conforming and exceeding ACCT standards for load capacity.

Tour duration depends on the course selected and how many are in your group, usually 2-3 hours from start to finish. See tour descriptions. All tours start with welcoming you at our office on Main Street, a gear up session & a short shuttle and Off-Road Adventure ride in our 6×6 Pinzgauers to the top of the course.

Click here for group information.  Please call our reservations at 603-745-9911 to coordinate accommodations.

You can book online any time or call the reservation office at (603)745-9911 during business hours, 7 days per week. Reservations are pre-paid. Groups of 11 or more, click here for group sales.

Reservations are highly recommended and are confirmed with payment by credit card, or prepaid by check or cash. Walk-ins are welcome if we have space available but the only way to guarantee your space is to reserve ahead. 

When you check in for your tour there is a formal weigh-in for every guest. Those guests that do not meet the tour requirements will not be refunded or receive a voucher. Space is limited and guests are being turned away for your tour, as well expenses have already been incurred in preparation for your tour.  

We zip in most weather conditions. Dress for the elements. We have a limited amount of rain gear available to borrow in an emergency; however, it is best to come prepared with proper clothing, footwear, gloves and hats if necessary. Morning tours are better for summer, afternoon is warmer in the fall.

Children under 16 years of age, that meet the minimum weight restriction, must have someone at least 16 years of age participating with them. Any child under 18 years of age must have a waiver signed by their parent or legal guardian.


Guests may bring a camera or cell phone; however, if it is dropped it is lost. We have heard that the local bears and raccoons have gotten quite adept at taking selfies! If you want to bring your own equipment we recommend that it have a wrist strap and that it can be zipped into a pocket.

To avoid losing your valuable equipment we recommend renting a GoPro camera to capture your trip. 

For your safety only closed-toe shoes with secure backs. No clogs, flip-flops, or other footwear that will slip off. The decking is rough to avoid slipping and is brutal on bare toes.

  • Walking/hiking shoes are recommended.
  • Longer shorts or pants, no skirts or belly shirts.
  • No dangling earrings, chest or belly button rings.
  • Tie long hair back.


  • Dress for the weather. We zip rain, snow or shine.
  • Bug repellent/Sunscreen
  • Gloves after Labor Day or as it gets colder.
  • Cap or hat under helmet for colder weather or bring your ski helmet.
  • Bring rain gear if it’s forecasted..

Alpine Adventures provides:

  • Petzl adjustable climbing helmets, full-body harnesses, all industry standard for challenge courses.
  • Dual connection point lanyards for safety backup.
  • CMI trolley dual-wheel pulleys and caribiners.

We have a 72 hour cancellation policy. If you cancel outside of 72 hours from your tour time, you will be refunded or receive a voucher for the amount you paid.  If you cancel within 72 hours of your tour time there are no refunds or vouchers. Late arrivals will not be refunded or issued vouchers and will not be able to join the group. Those not meeting the weight requirements will not be refunded or receive a voucher. Space is limited and guests are being turned away for your tour, as well expenses have already been incurred in preparation for your tour.

We will not cancel due to rain or snow. Mountain weather is subject to change quickly and can be volatile. We will make every effort to complete your tour as planned; however, we will temporarily suspend a tour at our discretion, sometimes with very little notice, due to lightning, thunder, or high winds.  If we cancel a tour, we will work with guests on a case-by-case basis to determine the best resolution. If we delay a tour, our cancellation policy still applies, please plan your day accordingly.  It is your responsibility to provide us with the best mobile number, or email, to reach you the day of your tour.  We do our best, but weather cancellations have happened, so be advised.

eGift Cards can be redeemed online for tour reservations any time. Our physical gift cards that are plastic, like a credit card, requires a credit card to make a reservation either over the phone or online. They can’t be redeemed online or over the phone, only in person. These cards cannot be replaced if lost.

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Website Designed and Managed By Alpine Adventures LLC.